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I bought a 2004 3500 Cummins from my friewnd 6 month ago. I just started running really rough. I have multiple trouble codes. They are 2509, 2266, 0340, 0193, 0237, 0652, and 0016.

When i start off driving it chatters loudly and has a loss of power. I pull over and it will idle rough and want to stall for about 2 minutes, then it will run again.

Now it is also stalling while idleing and chatters for an extended period. No unusual smoke. I just changed the fuel filter since he didn't for 100,000 miles.Thought that was the problem, but it isn't.

I wanted to see if anyone could assist me before i drop a bunch of money at the dealer for something that i can fix myself.

Thanks for anyones assistance in advance:CRY:
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I checked the codes on the forum. It seemed to help a little but was hoping someone might have seen this before. I'm hoping it is just a bad cam sensor.

The codes were a big help though

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the last truck i repaired with code P0237 and P0193 turned out being the rail pressure sensor. if you can monitor rail pressure, check to see if there is a spike in pressure when the chatter starts. Also found a tech tip on chrysler's database for P2509 and found something to try first, might work, unplug the 6 pin connector for the cooling fan and see if the trouble is still, something about intermittently shorting internally. Haven't come across this, but makes sense. Can cause multiple codes. Good luck.
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