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help with vibration.

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Hey guys I have been chasing my tail on this thing for a while now. I have a bad vibration when I decelerate at highway speeds. Especially on down hill grades. It feel like it is coming from the left front but I can't be sure. I feels like someone is using an air hammer under my feet.

I had a 4.5 fabtech lift with a 2 inch spacer and and top gun customz control arms. I noticed the vibration right after I lifted it. I thought for sure it was the front drive shaft so I pulled it. no change. I then noticed my front end was pushed forward. I called top gun and did some measuring. I found out they had sent me arms for an 8" lift instead of 6.5". I just replaced control arms with the correct arms for a 6" lift and while I was at it I took the 4.5"
springs and spacers out and put top guns 6" springs in. I also changed the steering out and went with the 08.5 upgrade and a fox stabilizer. It rides and drives better but the vibration is still there.

Oh, the rear just has 4" tuff country blocks. The pinion angle looks ok. What is the factory pinion angle suppost to be.

I really don't know where to go from here. I have a transfer case clocking ring that I hvae not installed. And I plan to put a front hub conversion in but I don't know if that will fix it either. thanks

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I'm also running 37"x13.50"x20" M16's. I do get a little wobble from the tires but this is completely different. I have dual Bistien 5125's on a fabtech mount in the front and single 5125's in the rear.
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