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Help with superchips

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hey guys need some help im lookin a superchips flashpaq but its for an 06 i drive an 01 but ive been told more than once that it will work on any 24v does it have to be updated or what im not sure what i have to do
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Well it depends on what model number, if it the 3705 it will only work for the vp44 trucks. But if it the 3805 or 3806 it looks like it works for all 24v (vp44 and cp3), but the I dont think you'll get the 130hp they claim. Thats for the CRs, you'll prob only get 65-70hp. If it was me I wouldn't get it, look for an edge ez or comp, you'll be happier.

Also just read that their new 3855 model replaces the 3805, 3806, and 3705. So it looks like its possible.

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i have an 01 maroon cummins with a adrenaline some sticks and some more goodies now im just lookin for milage never had any luck with the edge ez and the comps more than im looking for on my driver and that superchips is the 3805
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