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Help with part number....I replaced my fuel tank yesterday with a 50 gallon Titan tank.....

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There are two fuel lines that connect the frame mounted fuel filter to the sending unit on top of the tank.

One of the lines is removed from top of the sending unit by squeezing the sides and pulling the line off.

The other has a clip that needs to be pulled out and then the line comes off.

( I forget which is the supply and which is the return)

Unfortunately, I broke that little clip when trying to pull it off.

Does anyone know if that clip is replaceable alone or if not, where to find the part number for that line so I can buy a replacement?

Dumb move on my part but live and learn.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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Hmmm, do you have a picture of the clip, that would help a ton. Even if its broken it'll still help us know exactly what the clip is.
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