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I have been reading threads every night for 2 weeks and most people always say the same thing. What are your goals for your truck. Most people have different goals. So here are mine and hopefully you guys can really inform and educate me on what is needed to be a reliable DD. My goal is to have a 650-700 HP DD. Mind you this would be a slow build. I want to be able to handle any medium duty towing with ease and get a constant upper teens or low twenty's mileage unloaded. I have ideas but I want to do everything in the proper order to lower my chances of causing problems. Also I live at around 5,000 ft. elevation so I need to do things to keep my egt's lower since the air is thinner and atmospheric pressure is around 12.2psia. Thanks for the help guys.

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At 650-700 DD and to tow at elevation you are going to need compounds. Your first decision will be custom set or box set. Box set will save you cash. Big names are ATS, BD, etc. They both have medium kits that may and I say may work with stock sticks until you are ready to add injectors.

Clutch or trans

Lift pump
Coolant bypass

Cp3 mods
Valve springs
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