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Help w/ new lift pump wiring !!!

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I bought a fass DDRP replacement lift pump for my 2001 Dodge Cummins to replace the old Carter pump. The old Carter pump had the two wire system on the bottom and the new Fass has the wiring harness. Do I need to splice it or put a wiring harness on the lead wires from the truck?
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The DDRP is a direct plug in to the stock harness.
I hope you didn't cut the carter off :doh: as it has a male plug on the harness side that plugs into the bottom of the pump.
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Wow sounds like someone got a non OEM replacement and just made it work, I hate the work that some shade tree mechanics do!:doh:

If you have some spare funds you could get a frame relocation kit from Vulcan direct or Geno's Garage and carefully splice into the wiring harness.

Draw Straw II 1/2 in. draw tube and 1/2 in. pushlock fitting

Geno's parts
VULCAN PERFORMANCE - "BIG LINE" TRANSFER PUMP RELOCATION KIT-Dodge Cummins Diesel Truck Accessories – Geno’s Garage

VULCAN PERFORMANCE - FASS DDRP RELOCATION BRACKET-Dodge Cummins Diesel Truck Accessories – Geno’s Garage

If your short on cash you can just get the wiring extension.

Extended Pump Harness

Hope this helps.
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