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HELP vp44 dead

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All right men I'm in a bind my daily driver is a 2001½ 3500 6 speed 2 wheel 245 HO vp44 and the IP has died zero fuel getting to injectors it's Christmas time and funds are low so my question is can I replace my HO IP with one from a 5 speed or auto truck that I can get all day long at the local getting place. Hope someone out there has done this b4.🤞🤞🤞
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Yes you will sound and run slightly different.

The internals are slightly different, but wont effect you as far install goes.

Alot of guys swap to the SO pumps as they play better with aftermarket tuning devices.

Call DIESEL AUTO will be in good hands there, to save some funds....i would not go salvage yard or parts store replacement here. They are unknown and not tested.

Research mopar1973man, he has a site and list of reputable rebuilders who use or source from rebuilders with a bosch test bench.

Most of the time it is electronics that fail, or the timing piston gauls
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