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HELP vp44 dead

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All right men I'm in a bind my daily driver is a 2001½ 3500 6 speed 2 wheel 245 HO vp44 and the IP has died zero fuel getting to injectors it's Christmas time and funds are low so my question is can I replace my HO IP with one from a 5 speed or auto truck that I can get all day long at the local getting place. Hope someone out there has done this b4.🤞🤞🤞
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So long as you have a stock HO VP it should not be any (much) more than the SO I fact once I paid less for one. You can either shop around by part number from it and do not make a big deal about it being HO just for a 6 speed and the number on it. Or you can simply get yours rebuilt at a Bosch authorized shop for even less. There are more authorized shops or distributors than people think. Where are you located What are CODES and other symptoms in detail?? Use scan tool a must , not key trick.

Here is one from Rockauto to match for $1229, same basic as SO price. Other places may be as low as 1000 bucks aor less if you have yours done. Cores required any which way,
What is your location??
Google is a wondrous thing with persistence fo shopping or info. I paid about $800 for my last locally, 5 years on it now.
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PS, Welcome, We will help a a lot.
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