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I tried this question on another forum but no one seems to know how to help.
Can someone here?
I have a 2001 2500 with the H.O. engine. The truck doesn’t get driven every day, probably twice a week. One morning in April, I started it and it ran long enough for that initial “pick-up” and died. Wouldn’t restart, just kept cranking. I then bumped the starter and when the elec fuel pump started, I bled off the water trap and let some fuel out. Cranked again two times, bout 10 seconds apiece, and it finally started and then never missed a lick.
Last weekend, same thing happened, only two times that day - same drill. I have a fuel pressure gauge and noticed it came up slow after a start and stayed at about 10psi.
I changed the fuel filter and when I tried it again after sitting a few days, it started, but ran rough for about 10 seconds, then smoothed out. Fuel press gauge came up a little slow ~9psi and after the drama was over topped out about 12psi.
I’m open for suggestions. The elec fuel pump doesn't run every time I bump the starter but I’ve never hear of this symptom when they go out - always loss of fuel pressure. It hardly e ver starts w/o going through the whole process.
No mods except a BHAF and fuel pressure sensor
Sorry for the long post, but I need advice.
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