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help! run away truck?!

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My wifes 06 2500, was drivingand she said she heard a click. Started idling really hard and when she tried to turn into a parking lot, she took her foot off accelerator and the truck continues to accelerate. The tachometer has been reading funny (idles low)... no codes thrown... I'm at a loss.
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Try reprogramming the APPS. Turn the key on (engine off) and slowly push the pedal down to the floor and slowly let it all the way back up then shut the key off for 15 seconds. Turn the key back on and let it sit for at least 30 seconds so the computer relearns the sensor.
Didn't cut it. It's acting like the cps or a bad injector.
If anyone has had this problem i could use advice
Never heard of this problem. Is it hard to start or any smoke? You said the tach is reading low but is it actually idling low?
It idles normal. It lopes through the rpm range. I took it for a ride once I got it home, and it doesn't smoke unless I hammer on it. Then it smokes real bad.
IIt starts fine. just idles rough.
Are there any codes?
How many miles on the truck?
Your saying that your having a rough idle?
Have you checked the oil lately?
Solution; don't let HER drive it anymore!!! Lol!! :rof

God, I hate gremlins like that, and believe me I've got them living at my house right now too!!
Oil is fine, a quart low but I fixed that. No codes.147000 miles
That's pretty funny lake huron
sounds stupid but what about a sticking accelerator pedal?? ive had this on a previous vehicle i owned and it wouldnt always do it
change your fuel filter and also take a sample from the tank if ya can
What you described on your first post is EXACLTY what happened when my #5 injector took a poop on me... Idled rough, would still accelerate even though i let my foot off, and smoke a ton if i kept on the throttle hard. Call your dealership up ask about if your warranty on the motor is still good (if you under 100,000 miles) and if so take it in there. Or if you not get your injectors tested ASAP and NO NOT drive it or let it run for long periods of time. Good thing the motor warranty is still good until August 5th of this year on my truck!
Where can I get them tested. I live in south Florida.
If it is "bone stock" like your sig says... Take it to the dealer. I bought my truck used and they still covered it. The Cummins motor itself has a 5 year 100,000 mile warranty. Get your vin # and call the dealership and verify if it might be covered. If you have aftermarket stuff on there take is all off and make your truck look stock. They can diagnose the problem for you. My dealer said it would have costed 90 bucks for a diagnose fee if it didn't have anything to do with the motor. Well sure as heck it was the # 5 injector like I told it it was after I scanned for codes. I ended up not paying a DIME!
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Cool man. I'll look into that. I doubt that they'll warranty it after 143xxx miles. I'll have to call around this afternoon.
at 143k, the dealer will not warranty
you'll be out their diagnostic ripoff fee. Mopar/Dodge "rebuilt" injectors are not worth the labor charges to put in.
engine killers only.

take it to a local diesel pickup shop that specializes in Dodge/Cummins trucks.
check your state forum on here for references.
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