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HELP!!! Power steering quit on vacation!

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I’m in a bit of a pickle here, guys. I’m on vacation in Moab, Utah riding dirtbikes with my boys and the power steering in my truck just quit.
I was turning around at a camp spot with my steering at full lock and I heard a short squeal and my power steering quit working completely. Any ideas what the issue could be? Just the power steering pump? I saw mention of a coupler between the vacuum pump and the PS pump shearing in some cases.

I’m going to keep researching, but would love it if I could get some help diagnosing, as I don’t want to spend my whole vacation working on this issue.

Thanks in advance.
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You should look into where the pressure relief valve is and check it, as to me what you described shows it malfunctioned. Until you do, don't force the steering to the stops or you could break more things. If you find the relief valve allowing overpressure, inspect all your steering components for cracks, including the vehicle frame where the box mounts.
Most if not all hydraulic systems have a relief valve. Even the lube system on your engine. If the power steering didn't have a relief, when you continually deadhead the box at the extreme travel or with a tire against a curb or in a rut, you would damage parts, just like the author of this post. Don't get wrapped around the axle, just wanted to mention he could have also damaged other, important, steering parts.
I'd sure like for you to post it's location.
I didn't know the location, that is why I wrote "You should look into where the pressure relief valve is ". I wouldn't have assumed it was in the pump because that limits all circuits to the same pressure and since it works both the steering and brakes, it could have had separate reliefs for each circuit.
The issue I wanted to get across was a sheered pump shaft could be debris or overpressure, lack of lube etc. But overpressure could damage other components where his and his family lives could depend on a proper inspection.
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