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help on water/meth install

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well i got my snow stage 2 kit today, and to say the least im not to impressed with the instrctions or the supplies it comes with. Anyway in the directions it says to connect a 12V key on power source to the arm switch? what does this mean? im totally lost trying to put this just really dissapointed.half of the wires are to short to reach where they need to go and by resivor tank has a whole in it. Not impressed so far
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well, 12v key on power source. that means that you have to arm the system only when the key is on, because if you were to have it armed all the time it will drain your batteries over night. so just run it off a fuse from in the cab or something that has power when the key is on and doesn't have power when the key is off.
but how do i link everything together..say if i used a would i get that to my arm switch etc???
my devilsown kit was a breeze to instal and the instructions were great very easy to read and the system is adjustable in the cab.
Not trying to ADVERTISE but, send the kit back and buy from someone else. Better price, better instructions, and better service. Its all in my signature:thumbsup
The snow kits are adjustable in cab ...
The snow kits are adjustable in cab ...
do you run water/meth smokindiesel?
the snow kit is easy to install i had no problems at all but i play with my truck alot!!!:lol3: i did a 5 gallon tank in my truck box too :peelout you can call me if you need any help... PM me if you need too k:thumbsup
how are the snow kits adjustable from in the cab? that must be the stage 3 kit? I think i can get everything i just need some more wire and i just need to figure out how to get power to it with this 12v key on source.
I just used a switch and skipped the whole 12v key on thing. Just had to make sure my butthead friends didnt flip the switch while the truck was off.
i dont follow bigblue?? what exactly did you do?
I just installed a switch to send the unit power. I didn't even bother with the key on thing. I ran it on constant power and just had a switch to turn it on and off. I could arm my system with the truck turned off.
Mine has four switches. One turns on the controller, one is a manual interrupt for the pump relay (so I don't flood the motor when I'm programming the controller), one controls the gauges (and so can turn off EGT reference), and one controls the 120 volt inverter (which in turn powers the laptop and the 30 volt inverter that powers the pump relay and boost transducer).

I was thinking of putting each solenoid on a switch, but I'm out of places to mount switches.

Yes, the purpose of this post is to confuse everybody and being helpful was not an intention to speak of.
alright guys i got it figured out thanks a lot!!
I had a hard time finding out where to mount the pump.Tapping into your washer resivour is the best way instead of using that little one they send you
I had a hard time finding out where to mount the pump.Tapping into your washer resivour is the best way instead of using that little one they send you
Or just get the 7 gallon tank and mount it in your bed ... :thumbsup
I mounted my pump under my drivers side battery.
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