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i was hauling a load of 8 1500lb bulls and 5 1100lb horses to fortworth tonight i turned my edge off and my mp8 up and was comin up a pretty good hill and i was watchin my egts and the were around 1250 so i wasnt to to worried then i hear that dreaded ding and my cel came on and it was somthing58 i think, the edge said it was fuel delivery system error..... so a pulled over reset the codes and turned off the mp8 and turned up the edge and i was fine the rest of the way... anyone know what caused it to throw that code? and this was my first time to pull that heavy of a load with the mp8...
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I got that code running from Orlando back to NWFL

I got that one repeatedly & also "low rail pressure"

I ordered a new fuel filter :$:
The MP-8 sometimes throws that code when towing heavy. It will clear itself. I don't know why it does it on some trucks and not on others. I have not had it happen to me when towing but a few guys have.
I get the same messages towing, plus the cat full warning. Until this past weekend it has only done it towing, but now it did it driving mountains in Vermont empty. I posted this problem about a month ago now it seems there are more and more seeing this.
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