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HELP!!!! Need TNT-R tuning

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I've emailed Bob several times with all my info starting last September and still have yet to receive the R tuning from him.. With this years pulling season quickly approaching I really need it soon. Anyone that has any info it would be greatly appreciated
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Have you called Bob?

Smarty dealers can get it for you too
I called him first then emailed so I was sure he was looking for it. I think I got it about the same time you were looking for it last year in about a day....
Do you have the supporting mods?
No I have not tried to call him but I will now

I have more than enough mods I believe:

'06 3500-all work done by Sheid Diesel in Terre Haute, IN

marine block, ceramic coated pistons and rockers, fire rings, ARP625 head studs, Banks big hoss intake, Spearco intercooler, dual CP3, 200hp injectors, MP8, TS Performance experimental dual CP3 controller, aftermarket rods, flux valve springs, ATS full billet trans, Sheid 2.6 comp turbo, FASS fuel pump, TCI ratchet floor shifter, recall tach, isspro gauges
Geesh, yeah, you should be good! :O Burn up Bob's answer machine is my suggestion.
He got right back to me when I PMed him. Blow him up!!
Just send him a PM.
I just pm'd him my info and serial number and had it in two days. Try all three and something should work, good luck
Called him earlier and he said he'd get on it. Thanks for all your help guys :) any tips on where to locate a 2nd gen or 12v motor itself for a reasonable price, please PM me.
Pm me, I have a complete 98 12 v truck we are considering parting or sell whole. I also have a spare 12 v long block and head.
Got it!! Thanks Bob!! The R tuning is insane on our set up! Faster spool up and the tach bumped up to close to 4200rpm! EGTs never got past 1500. This truck screams now! Thanks everyone for all your advice and help :)
good deal bro! is quite the tuning machine!!! have fun.. do you ever send your machine down the track?
not tryin to j the thread but whats the difference between the tnt r you just got as compared to the website download
We hook sleds with it. Haven't tried the drag strip with it yet. The only differences that I'm aware of is the fueling rate and the rev limiter. You might do a bit more research or even talk to Bob to get all the details. I do know those extra rpm's make a hell of a difference!!
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