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Help! Need advice ASAP!

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So I'm ordering tires and wheels today after work!

I'm set on BMF Novakanes 18x9. but am still very stuck on either to get Toyo AT2's for $289each or Federal couragia mt for $260each. Either tire will be
35x12.5xR18, will these fit the bmf's? and look nice?

Anyone know how long the Federals last or how much road noise?
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The Toyo's are a better tire. I'd go with them.
I have a friend with the federals on a 1500 chev and at 32,000 they are gone. I have 35,000 on my trail grapplers and have about 35% or more left. Your choices are either a really good AT or poor MT, I'd open your selection. Why not look at trail grapplers?
I think I'm going to go with toyo at2's. I ordered my wheels last night so when they get here I'll pull the trigger on some tires. :stirpot:

Toyo's are the only tire I can get around here that isnt going to rail me on the price. Esspecially because its headed into winter and I live in the hills so places jack the prices of mud tires or real name brand tires through the roof.:buttkick: I cant get trail grapplers around here except ordering them online with no warrenty and they are expensive. Havent found a more agressive AT tire the the Toyo AT2's that are cheapish... Around here at least..:confused013:
So I ordered my BMF weels last night and all the rumor I've heard are true.... BMF is on back order until March of 2014 for all stealth wheels..... :banghead::banghead:

I instead went with the Gear Alloy 726mb 18x9..
Starting to like Gear alloy wheels look more anyways so I'm glad I didnt get BMF's!!:party018::drool2:
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