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help.. looking for a sendor

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just bought the quadzilla adrenaline and it dosnt have a fuel psi sendor with it ive tried the local parts stores and if you dont have a part # they just look at you funny....hope some one can help me
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Pressure Senders - Stewart Warner, I bought the 0 60 PSI and it seems to work, however I do not know whether or not it is dead on acurate. Just put in last night so I will test it tonight. But yes If you can find datacon 102222B 240-33.5 ohms 30 psi your set. Mine is 240-33.5 ohms 60 psi by stewart warner 279D 60 psi For use with single gauge, standard pipe thread 1/8", includes adapter for 1/4"; additional adapters available 240 Ohms
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