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Help!!! Installing tow mirrors

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I am installing some Visiocorp telescopic trailer tow mirror and the wiring diagram that came with it is not RIGHT and the updated instructions on their web site is WRONG too. Has anyone installed these lights and if so where do wire up the signal and clearance lights. I know they go under the fuse box but which color wires?
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Alright it took some time but we figured it out. I would have to say it was worth the headache, cause these things look great. I would reccommend these to anyone that wants an upgrade. Plus I got them off a ebay for 155.00 and they retail for 600.00
I did get the clearance and signal lights hooked up. The instructions that came with them showed a 2002 dodge truck and mine is an 09. So it took some time but we traced out the clearance and signal light wires to under the fuse box and went to poking around with our test light and found the right one. It wasnt as bad as I was thinking it was going to be. The install was pretty quick other than that. I will post some pics ASAP but I really dont know how to do it since there is no place to add an attachment but if you could tell me I would do it.
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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