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I found a truck for sale that I am having some questions about.

The truck has some very unusual mods to it and a small turbo set up for what is done. Has anyone seen this truck before? This is on a silver '06 Mega. Here are a few pictures that people can take a look at of the engine bay and see if they recognize this? I am looking for more info on the truck before buying.

The supposed mod list:

Custom Intake Manifold (sourced through floorit diesel)?
Ported Polished Head; O ringed, 625's. 110lbs springs

Stock Injectors gone through by F1
Turbo is a 62/65
Says it has a built trans from Floor it Diesel?

Any help? Anyone see someone post this intake manifold setup?
Also on the fuel rail where there is usually a hard line that goes back to the CP3; this one has a 90 on it and goes towards the back of the truck. What might this be for?


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I like the intake. The line back to the tank is from the top of the relief valve to send any leaked fuel back to the tank. More like the set up on a gasser.
If the injectors are stock nozzled, the turbo is probably ok.

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