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Help identifying 2 turbo's, pics included

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I have the turbo off the f700, I've assumed it's a h1c because it doesn't have a wastegate. the other is the turbo off the 24 valve I'm parting out, It says hx35, but I'm just curious is any of them run different sized housing ?

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Looks like the top one might be a re-man. I noticed the remanufactured turbo's sometimes don't say the model on the tag and are harder to find info on sometimes.

You might be able to find out by entering the serial ect on myholsetturbo . com if no one else knows.
I put in all the number on both tags and it didn't come up with anything
Take the rx number to cummins and see if they can give you a hand. Should be able to pull up some info on it....

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^ X2, take both turbo's. That might be the best rout.
both turbos will have #s stamped inside the inlet of the exhaust housings. 12, 14, 16, 18, 19 ect.
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it makes sense they'd stamp the size, I should have looked closer
3802417 / 3532066 was from what I can find was fitted to 6BTAA and installed in Fords. H1C
Turbomaster in Spain have a full parts breakdown on the 3590105 / 3590104 - HX 35.
Fair bit of info on the Turbomaster site for various turbos and what they were fitted to.
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