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Ok so to start, i have an 07 5.9L auto.

I was driving around the other day all fine and dandy, and then I parked the truck in the driveway, and the truck wont go into park.

The shift goes into the "correct park position" but the instrument panel indicates I am in reverse... and i let off the brake, and addly enough, it IS in reverse.

If I bring the shifter all the way down, it only goes into where 2nd gear should be... but indicates that the tranny is in 1st.

The shifter feels like it almost wants to go all the way down but its being stopped by something..

any thoughts?

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There is a white lock under the dash where the linkage is adjusted. Pop that lock downward. You may have to pry it with a screwdriver or small pry bar. Next, make sure the shifter is in P and go under the truck and push the shift lever fully to the rear. You may need someone to rock the truck to insure it goes fully into Park. Once you are sure the transmission is in Park, reset the white lock and test the shifter.
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