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Help I’m new.. smarty s67 problem

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As stated I’m new and trying to figure things out as best I can, anyways I recently bought a 2008 Cummins with 90k on it. After much reading and lurking on this forum I have decided to do a full EGR and DPF delete. Haven’t done the deletes yet but have parts on the way. Also I purchased a used Smarty S67. Tuner is not VIN locked and doesn’t have US in the serial # so I believe it should be delete capable. The problem is when I hook the smarty to the truck and choose “update ECM” I get “Error unknown software”. What does this mean? And what can I do now? Any help/input is appreciated, I am finding some info but most of it is several years old and I don’t know what information is still current.. pls help!!
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Forgot to mention these details

V:6.15C D:p18ME
Ok I will email them now and see what kind of solution they have. Another question, I have the parts to go ahead and delete my EGR and EGR cooler but I do not have the stuff to delete my DPF yet. Would it be okay to delete the EGR and run the truck without the tuner for awhile until I get the smarty issue resolved and get the DPF parts? Or do I need to just wait? Second scenario, if I update the smarty can I the. Load the tube with the egr deleted and the DPF not deleted? Or will I have to have the DPF delete done before I can use the tune?
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