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Help I’m new.. smarty s67 problem

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As stated I’m new and trying to figure things out as best I can, anyways I recently bought a 2008 Cummins with 90k on it. After much reading and lurking on this forum I have decided to do a full EGR and DPF delete. Haven’t done the deletes yet but have parts on the way. Also I purchased a used Smarty S67. Tuner is not VIN locked and doesn’t have US in the serial # so I believe it should be delete capable. The problem is when I hook the smarty to the truck and choose “update ECM” I get “Error unknown software”. What does this mean? And what can I do now? Any help/input is appreciated, I am finding some info but most of it is several years old and I don’t know what information is still current.. pls help!!
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You can delete the EGR with or without software. You will get a CEL for that. Most people in the past just leave it there and unplug it.

However, you will need to delete the DPF and install the tuner at the same time. If you install the tune and leave the DPF, you will ruin it. If you delete the DPF and don't tune you will get into limp mode.

Once you've updated (or checked to see) the Smarty then you should be good to go.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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