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Or you can do what I did...mine had the same vibration in drive. I have the 5"TBE from HS Perf.

Take off:
- clamp that goes into the transmission
- Muffler
- Tail pipe section

- Tail pipe section (cut off 45 degree bend on the end that the pipe flares out)

- 45 degree section of pipe that you cut off the tail pipe section
- Clamp and hangar at the "dumped" end of the exhaust

- Tail pipe section
- Muffler

You end up with a 5" TBE straight pipe (no muffler) that is dumped in front of the rear axle, and yes, it's very, very loud when you get on it. Oh, and it cleans up the back of the truck pipe sticking out.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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