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Hello everyone, early 3rd gen here

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Hello y’all,

I have an early 2004 Cummins California model (235hp). Replaced the transmission twice, once after it died of natural causes, second time after the cooler line blew. I’m at around 190k now and getting ready to do injectors and replace the stock HE341cw with a spoologic HE351cw. Just trying to get the power up to a good reliable level that won’t toast my transmission. My shop says I’ll be reliable up to 450hp. Figured I’d join up here to ask questions and see what other people have been doing with their trucks.
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Hello @Dodgerino

Thanks for joining in and introducing yourself, always great to see more members in the community.

Tons of information on the site including informative members and vendors so don't hesitate to fire off those questions when you have them.

Looking forward to seeing some photos of your truck.

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Hello back and welcome!! I would pickup a smarty so6. They are cheap these days and are still quite good @ tuning. Also, which transfer pump do you have? I'm not sure on your year. If it's a in-tank pump, you are good to go most likely, they last forever! - ish✌
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