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Hello Everybody!!

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Been reading and learning a lot from this site. Figured I should join and thank everyone for their wisdom!!

Been around diesels my whole life and finally had the means of getting one of my own. Its my Fathers old boat hauler. He is OCD and very meticulous with his cars and trucks. Bonus for me I know the entire history of the truck no BS no guess work!! It was pretty much stock with the exception of a VanAken chip. Remember those?? Haha!! As well as EGT and manifold pressure pillar gauges for Vitals while towing. All this truck did was haul my Pops 28' Ocean boat and haul his quads to Colorado every year for deer season. One of his buddies drove the truck back from Colorado couple years ago and burned up third gear in the Tranny. So he had a $4000 built transmission with all the bells and whistles so he wouldn't ever have the same problem again. Score for me!!!

So for now I've done the Easy 4 Edge Juice, Airdog 100, 4" Exhaust, and Cold air intake. I don't have any plans of Racing or Tractor pulling just like the thrill of some added power and I don't want to sacrifice reliability because it is my soul means of transportation. So for now I leave the juice on power level three most of the time with a couple romps on 4 and 5 just to see what it does.

So if you made it through all that and you wouldn't mind passing on a little wisdom on where i should go from here. With reliability and EGTs in mind I was thinking of possibly upgrading the injectors so I can have the power settings 4 or 5 but leaving the edge on 3 and having the option of extra power if I want it. With Say 75hp injectors on setting 3 would my EGTs stay in check like it is now on 3? Or would I have to keep an extra close eye on the EGTs like I do in level 4 and 5. I have my boost set on a max of 30psi and the juice defuels on settings 4 and especially on 5. So I'm kinda thinking I may need to either upgrade the turbo or set the max settings higher on the boost. I've read lots of different threads people have different opinions on which psi if safe for the stock turbo. What most people seem to agree on is 35psi is the max boost of the stock turbo before you start to over spool. Is that safe? Id prefer to be able to get WOT and not have it defuel. Id prefer to keep the stock turbo because here in California we have the dreaded Diesel smog!! I don't want something that jumps out at them on the visual inspection. I'm already going to have to pull the juice when its smog time and I'm pretty sure with 75hp injectors and the computer tuned back to stock it should burn clean enough to pass the smoke test. Even on setting 5 it doesn't smoke too bad unless I turn the low boost fueling setting all the way up and then it throws a fair amount of smoke.

In short 75hp injectors burn clean? I'm thinking DDP brand.
Will the EGTs be easily controlled on Setting 3 for daily driving?
is 35psi of boost safe on a stock turbo, and stock head studs?

Either way I appreciate all the information I've received from you all!!!
Thanks, Bill
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Howdy Bill! I'm pretty sure 24v guys run up to 100hp injectors on stoic turbo, yes EGT will be increased but I think it would be a good setup. Wait for the 24v guys to confirm, but welcome and enjoy your stay.:thumbsup:
Sounds like you got a good one! Good luck.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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