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heater core replacement

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OK, I've been reading the forums for a while now with regard to changing out the heater core, now that it's getting cold the time has come to change it out. I have the fog/mist coming out of the vents and the top radiator hose is stone cold even with the temp gauge reading 190* so i think its time to swap it out. Pass side floor is dry but if I turn on the defroster the windshield gets coated with antifreeze film. I was wondering if this job has already been done on my truck? I'm the third owner and it has 140k its a 1997 2500 4x4. The reason I ask is that I already have heater hose running from the engine hard lines directly through the firewall and I wasn't sure if this indicates that someone has already been in there? I thought the heater core hard lines would have come through the firewall and been connected with heater hose under the hood from the core lines to the engine lines?
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Thanks for the replies, I will get into it this weekend. GAmes, the top radiator hose is the one I was talking about, I suspect the T-stat is not working properly or not at all? the engine never overheats and seems to run fine. I will most likely do a pressure test on the system just to see if anything is out of spec.
I have a 4BT in an F-150 and had to take the fan right off the engine since it never got above 160* without the fan even in July / August I barley break 180 even in stop and go traffic, without the fan I get it up to operating temp and it seems to run better at 180.
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