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Head Studs???'s

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I have read it before but wasnt sure if it was a personal opinion or a fact... :confused013:

I will be getting some head studs along with some other goodies probably over the weekend or monday and want to know if i shall get the 625 head studs or if the $$400 head studs will do the job just fine???

Thanks for the help :headbang:
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I just read that the 425's arnt too much better then stock otherwise i would think the 425;s are plenty good for me too but it will need to hold some strong boost!
You could also go ATS. i believe the 625 or the H-11 are only 519.75 and the tensile strength is 260.000 same as the ARP'S for 1/2 the price.Good luck:thumbsup:
Half the price and peace of mind. Priceless :cool019:
but its ATS, I don't need that worry under my hood.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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