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Head Studs???'s

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I have read it before but wasnt sure if it was a personal opinion or a fact... :confused013:

I will be getting some head studs along with some other goodies probably over the weekend or monday and want to know if i shall get the 625 head studs or if the $$400 head studs will do the job just fine???

Thanks for the help :headbang:
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I've heard the 425's ($400 ones) will work just fine. At least for me thats what I'm getting for my truck.
Yah I hear you bput the boost. I just plan on stacking the MP-8, Smarty. Thats it for me and I think they'll work. The 625's, in your case will probably suit your needs better though.
Thats what I've heard too. The same mill makes them for both companies.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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