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head stud retorque?

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been doing some reading, lots of people say you need to retorque the studs but i dug around in the manual from arp and they say it isnt necessary. i plan to check my valve lash tomorrow so that would be the time if im going to. i installed the studs with arp's lube and over torqued them by 12ft/lbs per arp's recommendation.

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I installed mine just like you did and then adjusted valve lash. Then put about a dozen heat cycles on them...then retorque once. When I retorqued I didn't loosen them just hit em with the torque wrench. Only a few of them moved just the slightest...the rest were good. Then I rechecked valve lash again and they were all good. I don't plan on retorquing again...they are good to go.
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