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Head gasket kit

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I'v e searched the forum and havent found anything. Is there a kit that includes the head gasket , studs and everything I would need to change the head gasket. I've found one on rollinsmoke that has everything but didnt know if anyone knew of anything else. Since I voided the warrenty I want to do this the right way so I wont have to do it again anytime soon.
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Several kits on eBay have the gasket and ARP studs. I know Thorough Bred Diesel is on there and their stuff is usually top notch.
Mkm customs has a kit also.

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You can find stuff at just about any diesel place. Just be sure to use a cummins brand hg. And check the vgt out good. Thats usually the cause of blown hg.
Dumb question but which studs are the best for your money? I know arp makes 2 different sets one is $450 and the other is like $1200
There are quite a few threads comparing the ARP 425/625 and the H11 studs.

Have you searched the forums?

If your gasket is currently leaking, be sure to deck the surface to get rid of the etched spots. A little leak is like a water blast cutting tool.
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