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I have a 2010 Dodge ram 3500 I put in the shop to get my heater core replaced boy that was a pain in the for them I'm glad I didn't try to do that job. He got it finished for me late last night because I have to go on a trip for two weeks and needed it. I paid him over the phone and told him I would get it in the morning to put my keys in a safe location. I have a few issues wanted to run by yall to see if yall could point me in the right direction. The first is when I came to pick the truck up I put the key in the ignition it was hard to get in then it wouldn't come out I pulled on it and and a little plastic pice came out of the ignition like I broke it or it got broke and now with the truck running I can take the key out. I finally got it started but then it wouldn't come out of park so I forced it out of park and now every time I put it in Park it has to be forced out. On my trailer brakes it is saying service trailer brake system and flashing CF. It is also saying service 4wd and my factory remote start won't work it just honks one time and won't do anything. The cruse controll will come on but won't set Both batteries where bad I replaced both of them and I figured maybe that was making all of this stuff flip out but it didn't Chang anything. I was wondering if you thought that the key has something to do with the gear shifter not coming out of park and what I need to do to fix it or do I have to have a dealer do it because it has to be programmed or something? As far as the light being on is there maybe some wires not connected causing this that I can find and plug in. It's just one thing after the other with this truck. Thanks in advance

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I would guess they didn't put the dash and the column back together properly when they changed your heater core.

It's a huge job to replace that and if they rushed it they might have did a sloppy job.

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So should I just look for wires unplugged under the dash? I unplugged the the factory trailer brake under the dash and the service 4wd and the actual brake control stopped alerting me for about 30 min but now it's back.

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Sounds like there could be multiple problems that they created and need to fix.

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Yeah I need to but i am out of town for two week and trying to figure it out so I don't have to be with out my truck again. I just checked for codes and have p0593,p0581,p2122,and p2127 maybe this will point us in the right direction.

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here's a list of the DTC's.

P000f-fuel System Over Pressure Relief Valve Activated
P0016-crankshaft/camshaft Timing Misalignment - Bank 1 Sensor 1
P0031-o2 Sensor 1/1 Heater Circuit Low
P0037-o2 Sensor 1/2 Heater Circuit Low
P003a-turbocharger Boost Control Module Position Exceeded Learning Limit
P0046-turbocharger Boost Control Circuit Performance
P0049-turbocharger Turbine Overspeed
P006e-turbocharger Boost Control Module Supply Voltage Circuit Low
P006f-turbocharger Boost Control Supply Voltage Circuit High
P0071-inlet Air Temp Sensor Rationality - Ecm
P0071-ambient Air Temperature Sensor Performance (tipm)
P0072-inlet Air Temp Sensor Voltage Too Low - Ecm
P0072-ambient Air Temperature Sensor Circuit Low (tipm)
P0073-inlet Air Temp Sensor Voltage Too High - Ecm
P0073-ambient Air Temperature Sensor Circuit High (tipm)
P007c-charge Air Cooler Temperature Sensor Circuit Low
P007d-charge Air Cooler Temperature Sensor Circuit High
P007e-charge Air Cooler Temperature Sensor Circuit Intermittent/erratic
P0087-fuel Rail Pressure Too Low
P0088-fuel Rail Pressure Too High
P00af-turbocharger Boost Control Module Performance
P0101-mass Air Flow Sensor "a" Circuit Performance
P0102-mass Air Flow Sensor "a" Circuit Low
P0103-mass Air Flow Sensor "a" Circuit High
P0106-manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor Performance
P0107-manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor Circuit Low
P0108-manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor Circuit High
P0111-intake Air Temperature Sensor 1 Performance
P0112-intake Air Temperature Sensor Circuit Low
P0113-intake Air Temperature Sensor 1 Circuit High
P0116-engine Coolant Temperature Sensor Performance
P0117-engine Coolant Temperature Sensor Circuit Low
P0118-engine Coolant Temperature Sensor Circuit High
P0128-thermostat Rationality
P0131-o2 Sensor 1/1 Circuit Low
P0135-o2 Sensor 1/1 Heater Performance
P0137-o2 Sensor 1/2 Circuit Low
P0141-o2 Sensor 1/2 Heater Performance
P0148-fuel Delivery Error
P0169-water In Fuel Detected For Too Long
P0191-fuel Rail Pressure Sensor Circuit Performance
P0192-fuel Pressure Sensor Low
P0193-fuel Pressure Sensor High
P0201-fuel Injector 1 Circuit/open
P0202-fuel Injector 2 Circuit/open
P0203-fuel Injector 3 Circuit/open
P0204-fuel Injector 4 Circuit/open
P0205-fuel Injector 5 Circuit/open
P0206-fuel Injector 6 Circuit/open
P0217-coolant Temperature Too High
P0219-engine Overspeed
P0251-injection Pump Fuel Valve Feedback
P0300-multiple Cylinder Misfire
P0301-cylinder 1 Misfire
P0302-cylinder 2 Misfire
P0303-cylinder 3 Misfire
P0304-cylinder 4 Misfire
P0305-cylinder 5 Misfire
P0306-cylinder 6 Misfire
P0335-crankshaft Position Sensor Circuit
P0336-crankshaft Position Sensor Performance
P0340-camshaft Position Sensor Circuit - Bank 1 Sensor 1
P0341-camshaft Position Sensor Performance - Bank 1 Sensor 1
P0381-wait To Start Lamp Inoperative
P0400-egr System Flow Malfunction
P0401-egr System Performance
P0402-egr Flow Excessive Detected
P0403-egr Control Circuit/open
P0404-egr Position Sensor Performance Diesel
P0405-egr Position Sensor Circuit Low
P040b-exhaust Gas Recirculation Temperature Sensor 1 Circuit Performance
P040c-exhaust Gas Recirculation Temperature Sensor 1 Circuit Low
P040d-exhaust Gas Recirculation Temperature Sensor 1 Circuit High
P0420-catalyst Efficiency Bank 1
P042e-exhaust Gas Recirculation Control Stuck Open
P0461-fuel Level Sensor 1 Performance
P0462-fuel Level Sensor 1 Circuit Low
P0463-fuel Level Sensor 1 Circuit High
P0471- Exhaust Pressure Sensor 1 Performance
P0472- Exhaust Pressure Sensor 1 Low
P0473- Exhaust Pressure Sensor 1 High
P0480-cooling Fan 1 Control Circuit/open
P0483-cooling Fan Speed
P0487-egr Airflow Throttle Control Circuit A Open
P0488-egr Airflow Throttle Control Circuit Performance
P0489-egr Control Circuit Low
P0501-vehicle Speed Sensor 1 Performance
P0505-engine Speed At Idle - Data Erratic, Intermittent Or Incorrect
P0513-invalid Skim Key
P0514-battery Temperature Sensor Performance
P0516-battery Temperature Sensor Circuit Low
P0517-battery Temperature Sensor Circuit High
P051b-crankcase Pressure Sensor Circuit Range/performance
P051c-crankcase Pressure Sensor Circuit Low
P051d-crankcase Pressure Sensor Circuit High
P0521-engine Oil Pressure Sensor Performance
P0524-engine Oil Pressure Too Low
P0532-a/c Pressure Sensor Circuit Low
P0533-a/c Pressure Sensor Circuit High
P0541-intake Air Heater Control Circuit 1 Low
P0542-intake Air Heater Control Circuit 1 High
P0545-exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor Circuit Low - Bank 1 Sensor 1
P0546-exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor Circuit High - Bank 1 Sensor 1
P0562-battery Voltage Low
P0563-battery Voltage High
P0571-brake Switch 1 Performance
P0572-brake Switch 1 Stuck On
P0573-brake Switch 1 Stuck Off
P0580-speed Control Switch 1 Circuit Low
P0581-speed Control Switch 1 Circuit High
P0585-speed Control Switch 1/2 Correlation
P0592-speed Control Switch 2 Circuit Low
P0593-speed Control Switch 2 Circuit High
P0601-internal Memory Checksum Invalid
P0604-internal Control Module Ram
P0606-internal Control Processor
P0607 Ecu Internal Performance
P061a-etc Level 2 Torque Performance
P061c-etc Level 2 Rpm Performance
P0622-generator Field Control Circuit/open
P0628-fuel Pump Control Circuit Low
P0629-fuel Pump Control Circuit High
P062c-etc Level 2 Mph Performance
P0630-vin Not Programmed In Pcm
P0633-skim Secret Key Not Stored In Pcm
P063c-generator Voltage Sense Low
P063d-generator Voltage Sense High
P0642-sensor Reference Voltage 1 Circuit Low
P0643-sensor Reference Voltage 1 Circuit High
P0646-a/c Control Circuit Low
P0647-a/c Control Circuit High
P0652-sensor Reference Voltage 2 Low
P0653-sensor Reference Voltage 2 High
P065a-generator System Performance
P0698-sensor Reference Voltage 3 Circuit Low
P0699-sensor Reference Voltage 3 Circuit High
P06a4-sensor Reference Voltage 4 Circuit Low
P06a5-sensor Reference Voltage 4 Circuit High
P0700-transmission Control System (mil Request)
P0850-park/neutral Switch Performance
P1011 - Fuel Pump Delivery Pressure Too Low
P1012 - Fuel Pump Delivery Pressure Too High
P1191 - Inlet Air Temperature Sensor Rational/performance
P1192 - Inlet Air Temperature Sensor Low
P1193 - Inlet Air Temperature Sensor High
P113c-o2 Sensor Power Supply Circuit Performance
P125a-power Enable Control Circuit Low
P125b-power Enable Control Circuit High
P1272-a/c Clutch Control Circuit 2 Low (tipm)
P1273-a/c Clutch Control Circuit 2 High (tipm)
P1274-a/c Clutch Control Circuit 2 Open (tipm)
P1275-a/c Clutch Control Circuit 2 Overcurrent (tipm)
P1277-starter Control Circuit 2 Low (tipm)
P1278-starter Control Circuit 2 High (tipm)
P1279-starter Control Circuit 2 Open (tipm)
P127a-starter Control Circuit 2 Overcurrent (tipm)
P127c-fuel Pump Control Circuit 2 Low (tipm)
P127d-fuel Pump Control Circuit 2 High (tipm)
P127e-fuel Pump Control Circuit 2 Open (tipm)
P127f-fuel Pump Control Circuit 2 Overcurrent (tipm)
P141a-exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor 1 And 2 Signals Swapped
P144e-egr Cooler Bypass Status Line Circuit Low
P144f-egr Cooler Bypass Status Line Circuit High
P1451-diesel Particulate Filter System Performance
P1484-catalyst Overheat Detection
P1506-crankcase Depression Regulator Valve Performance
P1507-crankcase Filter Restriction
P1508-crankcase Filter Restriction - Replace Filter
P2000-nox Absorber Efficiency Below Threshold - Bank 1
P2002-diesel Particulate Filter Efficiency Below Threshold
P200c-diesel Particulate Filter Over Temperature - Bank 1
P200e-catalyst System Over Temperature - Bank 1
P2032-exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor Circuit Low - Bank 1 Sensor 2
P2033-exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor Circuit High - Bank 1 Sensor 2
P2080-exhaust Gas Temp Sensor Circuit Performance - Bank 1 Sensor 1
P2084-exhaust Gas Temp Sensor Circuit Performance - Bank 1 Sensor 2
P2121-accelerator Pedal Position Sensor 1 Performance
P2122-accelerator Pedal Position Sensor 1 Circuit Low
P2123-accelerator Pedal Position Sensor 1 Circuit High
P2127-accelerator Pedal Position Sensor 2 Circuit Low
P2128-accelerator Pedal Position Sensor 2 Circuit High
P2141-egr Airflow Throttle Control Circuit Low
P2142-egr Airflow Throttle Control Circuit High
P2227-barometeric Pressure Sensor Rationality
P2228-barometric Pressure Circuit Low
P2229-barometric Pressure Circuit High
P2262-turbocharger Boost Pressure Not Detected - Mechanical
P2266-water In Fuel Sensor Circuit Low
P2267-water In Fuel Sensor Circuit High
P2269-water In Fuel Condition
P2299-brake Pedal Position / Accelerator Pedal Position Incompatible
P242b-exhaust Gas Temp Sensor Circuit Performance - Bank 1 Sensor 3
P242c-exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor Circuit Low - Bank 1 Sensor 3
P242d-exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor Circuit High - Bank 1 Sensor 3
P242f-diesel Particulate Filter Restriction - Ash Accumulation
P244a-diesel Particulate Filter Differential Pressure Too Low
P244d-exhaust Temperature Too High For Particulate Filter Regeneration - Bank 1
P2453-diesel Particulate Filter Pressure Sensor A Circuit Performance
P2454-diesel Particulate Filter Pressure Sensor A Circuit Low
P2455-diesel Particulate Filter Pressure Sensor A Circuit High
P2457-exhaust Gas Recirculation Cooling System Performance
P245a-egr Cooler Bypass Control Circuit Open
P245c-egr Cooler Bypass Control Circuit Low
P245d-egr Cooler Bypass Control Circuit High
P2463-diesel Particulate Filter - Soot Accumulation
P2503-charging System Output Low
P2504-charging System Output High
P2509-ecm/pcm Power Input Signal Intermittent
P254c-pto Speed Selector Sensor Circuit Low
P254d-pto Speed Selector Sensor Circuit High
P2579-turbocharger Speed Sensor Circuit Performance
P2580-turbocharger Speed Sensor Circuit Low
P2609-intake Air Heater System Performance
P268c-cylinder 1 Injector Data Incompatible
P268d-cylinder 2 Injector Data Incompatible
P268e-cylinder 3 Injector Data Incompatible
P268f-cylinder 4 Injector Data Incompatible
P2690-cylinder 5 Injector Data Incompatible
P2691-cylinder 6 Injector Data Incompatible
P2a00-o2 Sensor 1/1 Circuit Performance
P2a01-o2 Sensor 1/2 Circuit Performance
U0001-can C Bus
U0101-lost Communication With Tcm
U010c-lost Communication With Turbocharger/supercharger Control Module
U011a-lost Communication With Exhaust Gas Sensor Module
U0121-lost Communication With Anti-lock Brake Module
U0141-lost Communication With Fcm (tipm)
U1403-implausible Fuel Level Signal Received
U1412-implausible Vehicle Speed Signal Received
U1421-implausible Ignition Key Off Time Received
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