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so im having this problem.. it just started past few days ... i start the truck and let it warm up a little then when i take off i get white smoke... no power only about 10 % power and it does it for a mile or two... then it seems to almost "warm up" and runs just fine until i let it get cold again... outside air temp isnt freezing so i know its not that... i was thinking maybe it wasent making fuel pressure or something i have a 01 cab a chassis with dump body only 45,000 miles.. the crazy thing is if when i start it i shift into first and get the thing going shift through a couple gears and get it up to 40 50 mph which is extremely difficult... then downshift hard and revv the motor way up to three grand (which im not capapble of doing with fuel throttle it will only rev to about 1800 2000) the motor instantly snaps back to life and runs just fine for the rest of the duration of my trip..... its only when i cold start but im positive its not a motor temp issue heres the codes its throwing when i click the key three times p0500 new vehicle speed sensor signal p1693 p0134 O2 s stays at center p0216 fuel inject pump timing faliure

also i run diesel 911 cetane boost with gel prevention and fuel lubricity restorer full time but ive only had the truck for the past 3000 miles of its 45k mile life

is the injection pump shot? i gotta get this truck up and running again so if i gotta take it tommorow to get a pump put in im gonna... can somebody help point me in the right direction to solving this problem? are the aftermarket fuel systems the answer? will they prevent this? or is running two stroke oil the ans? please help

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0216 is the death code for the injector pump. It may run another year or another day but its on the way to the grave. Get a good lift pump/vp combo and a fuel pressure gauge to keep the new pump alive. jkidd has injector pump and lift pump combos VP44 Combo + Lift Pump: Stock, DDRP, FRRP, Raptor or Airdog
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