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Has anyone heard of any new turbos coming out? I like the s467 but my trani wont.

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I like what I have heard about the s467 but I just don't need that much power. I would like a stock replacement turbo that isn't a vgt. The only reason I don't like the vgt is because I have heard it is prone to sooting up and failing. I am more interested in reliability than power to be honest.

I was wondering if anyone has heard of any new turbos in the works like a baby brother of the s467. Something more user/transmission friendly that still retains lower egts. If I'm not mistaken the blade design of the s467 is what makes it such a good turbo.

Any suggestions? (not interested in the 66 or anything like it because of the high egts)

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There may not be any "new" turbos coming out. But there are smaller 400 series turbos available. Like the S464. And I think transmission friendly is a its all related to your right foot.
I think any turbo upgrade that is "transmission-safe"... is not even worth having.

Just use you exhaust brake daily and you should get good life from the VGT
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