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has any one done a vp44 to cp3 conversion??

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If so id like to know more about it. THanks
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I'm gonna just swap in the whole motor. Although I was tossing the idea around in my head about just throwing on the pump. We know a 3rd gen head will fit on these motors. So then get the 3rd gen injectors, hold down's, harness, CP3, ecm, lines, rail, etc.
is the work worth the cost or would it be easier to just swap the whole thing like your sayin???
Bigblue .. YOU TRAITOR!! :lol3:
Bigblue .. YOU TRAITOR!! :lol3:
He knows what makes the Power! :w: :lol3:

I think it'd be easier to just swap in the whole motor because if I'm correct, the third gen injectors have a different spray pattern and wouldn't work right with the vp pistons.

And I know what makes the power and I'm tired of dealing with this VP (my 10 month old injection pump that is in spec according to the shop makes 45hp less than the year old one that's dead pedaled) and p-pumping has been done to many times.
not to mention p-pumping is going backwards in technology:rof too bad i just spent so much freaking money on my truck :CRY::CRY::CRY:
anyone wanna buy it????:lol3:
yea i know they make good power but mine's paid for and i'm not sold on their reliability yet. just last week a buddy of mine with 36k on his 06' cratered the motor!!! saw the pics and pieces. very disturbing.... i've only went through one vp and i'm looking at a hrvp from sheids. if they make an extended cab i'd buy one for sure.
The reliability? I'd imagine that for every motor you hear fail there are 10,000 that are running just fine. All of these motors, especially one's with pressed in valve seats, are suceptible to failure.

Not to mention, the VP's have a much larger fail rate. My stocker lasted 120k and took me to 496hp. I bought a new one and it actually took me back to 375hp with all the mods I have. Had the new one checked out (10 months old now) and it came back in spec. How can a pump in spec drop 100+hp? I borrowed my buddy's year old pump that had dead pedaled on him and picked up 45hp. Now do you understand why I'm getting rid of the VP?
I just installed a Stage II from Northeast Performance Diesel. They claim 100 hp with just the pump alone. So far my truck is stock and I was going to dyno it, but I blew a boot out and haven't installed the new ones yet. The guy who does my wrencing turned me on to them. He and his partner were so impressed they ordered two for themselves. They are heading to New Hampshire this weekend to dyno and drag race. They want accurate #'s before and after it's installed to confirm if the stated numbers are correct.
Is this pump similar to a HRVP or a monster pump? Cause if it's a HRVP then it won't dyno anymore than an SO pump with a wire tap box. If you don't have a wire tap box then it will make more power.
yes i agree with the failure rates, i'm just a little scared of working on it. i've gotten too comfortable being able to work on this thing myself and not having to rely on the dealer. i'm sure it can be done but not real familiar with them at this point. i keep hoping they will come out with a big pump thats streetable and will produce big #'s.
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Ain't no difference working on the CR as it is on ours. Just more electrical plugs.
It would be easier to swap in the entire engine. First off, the front of the engine is different, so the CR gear train housing will not bolt up to a VP block. There is alot more to it you will want to consider before doing it, but if your interested in doing it, I will work a trade on a complete CR engine for your VP engine.

Personally, I would keep the VP engine - they are a ton more reliable.
I hate my VP. Read my earlier post on the issue's I've been facing. I've sunk $1000's into it and can barely bust 400hp. I've replaced everything in the motor, checked the compression, everything. I hate this dang VP. I even got a bad brand new pump. How messed up is that?
Putting a CR motor in there sounds like alot of work,would it not be easier to just buy a CR truck
If I didn't like my vp44 Cummins so much I'd work a trade with you Smokin. I would have to
slightly agree with bigblue though.... Did take a lot of cash to get where I'm at.
Putting a CR motor in there sounds like alot of work,would it not be easier to just buy a CR truck
It would be if I wanted a CR truck and didn't want a challenge.
cp3 good vp bad! just kiddin
how bout dual vp pumps now theres an idea!
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