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Hard starts now no start

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Hey guys for the past couple of weeks I noticed When I first crank my truck up in the morning or if it has sat for a day or two it is hard to start. It might take 2 or three tries to get the engine running. After it starts the truck may shake for a minute or so but after that it seems to run fine. Today as I was leaving for church my truck would not run at all. I could not get it started to leave. I put in my code reader and got
DTC#1 P0301

That code means that cylinder one is not firing properly. How to I narrow it down further to see exactly whats causing that? I think it may be the injector but there are a few other possibilities. My truck has 160,000 miles with factory injectors. I really appreciate any and all input.
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injectors are a likely problem. typically do not last much longer than 120k on the 05-07. We can test them for $15 each.
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