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Hard start, smoke, rattle, no power, mpg drop - no codes

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So a few days ago a neighbor replaced my valve and rocker gaskets to stop an oil leak. While he was in there, I had him put in new wire harnesses to the injectors. The next day and I'm smokin all the time and the normal diesel "rattle" is a higher pitch than what I'm used to. A small increase in the pedal and I'm blocking out the highway with black smoke. If I get on it to pass a semi or something large, my engine will not throttle back until at least a 1/4 mile after I let off. The harder I hit the pedal, the longer it takes to throttle down.

Reading all the posts on here, I figure I've possibly got an air problem. Now I didn't read all posts but the last part about my truck not throttling down is something I didn't find which is why I'm creating yet another post.

I've seen all the posts about checking the intercooler boots and possible injector issues but it seems to me a mighty odd coincidence that this happened right after changing out a couple of gaskets and wire harnesses. Is it possible that a wire harness is defective?
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Sounds very much like overfueling injectors issue, or else he put a big tune on it when he did the work.
I would advise parking it till u find the issue, running it hard with injectors overfueling is a good recipe to wipe out rings and pistons.
Oh it's overfueling alright. Took it back to him today with it now blowing blue-white smoke out the ying yang. He disconnected the exhaust manifold and fuel poured out of 4,5 and 6 exhaust ports. So what is the likely cause?
Apparently water has gotten past my filter and ruined the back 3 injectors. Why the back 3 and not the others? I park on a hill at home with the back of the truck lower than the front. Water/fuel separated as the truck sits and the water finds itself down to the back injectors.

Now it's new injectors and a Fass system on order.
Ouch! Pulling out the bad injectors, he noticed a valve sticking. Investigation on why finds a melted piston and a cylinder that is scored and even a hole in the wall.

Sooooo. . . my engine is toast without a full rebuild. Money is a problem. I wonder what kind of trouble I'd get into if I tried to put a 1996 cummins in my truck. I can get one for $3500.
Don't do that. 🤣
No honestly it's your decision, I'm not your boss or financial advisor.
If you can do the work yourself it's really not that terribly expensive.
Do u have any mechanical skill? Do u have any friends that could help you?
I'm not surprised you have melted pistons that's not uncommon running with bad injectors.

Anyway I'm putting mine back together, hoping to put the head on tomorrow, here's my thread on it.
My mechanical skills end when it comes to the engine. Tie rods, Ujoints, fan clutch, wheel bearings, etc. are one thing but when it comes to the engine, I'm as dumb as the rocks in my driveway. Money is only what I get from SS which ain't much. I've got some saved up but I figure I'm well short of paying someone to rebuild. Even if I did have the knowledge, I developed congestive heart failure about 6 months ago. I don't have the energy to walk without stopping to catch my breath at least every 40 to 50 feet.

I know of a truck that was rebuilt several years ago (pre-china virus) and it cost him $7K. I imagine a 50% increase with today's prices on parts and labor.

I'd really prefer to have it rebuilt - mostly because I want to see it roll over to a million miles. I'm about 335K miles short of that. :LOL:
Man I wish u were my neighbor.
I'd wish you were too but it would have to be because I moved to PA. I wouldn't wish IL on my worst enemy.
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