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Had to change Water Pump. To high temp?

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Alright guys i have 230k on my 2000. This weekend i had to go about 60 miles to the casino to meet up with some friends. About 10 miles from the casino my temp gauge max out and my scan gauge said 247 degrees. So i shut off the engine immediately and pulled off the side of the high way. I did notice the water pump pouring out. I had the truck towed back to my house ordered and installed a new pump and added more 50/50 mix of Zerex G-05. My question is at the temp of 247 could I've hurt anything?
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It's possible to have a cracked head gasket...start looking for leaking around the head and also the smell of antifreeze and excessive white smoke from exhaust....I doubt you will have problems..they are pretty tough but just a few ideas to keep look out for
thanks winchester! Ive driven about 40-50 miles already i have black smoke out the tailpipe and no leaks. My overflow is little high thats about it.
Biggest thing is to make sure you didn't get an air pocket in the system
hmmm how would you know and how do you release it?
read something on that. Open radiator cap when engine is cool, start engine and let the engine come up to operating temp and top off if needed, close radiator cap. Is that correct?
Yea that is exactly how you do it...pop te cap when it's cool run it up almost operating temp tighten cap...then watch gauge...thermostat will open pop the cap off and top ur coolant off
How come in the Haynes shop manual it says on page 1-31 number 12, "Fill the system with coolant (50/50 mixture of water and antifreeze) and install the radiator cap. The diesel cooling system features a one-way valve that vents air as coolant is added. Consequently it isn't necessary to run the engine to vent air from the cooling system as is required with a gasoline engine." (End quote)
I've always vented mine...because I have had air pockets...not worth blowing a head gasket lol
You don't need to vent it.

After several heat up cool down cycles it will draw coolant from the overflow to replace "purged" air from the system.

I've completely drained mine more times than I can remember - Keep and eye on it for a few weeks afterword's and top off overflow as necessary.

If you drain and replace the coolant for maintenance or W.P. failure in your case (OP) and experience a overheating problem afterword's it's not a trapped air issue with the Cummins you have something else wrong.:thumbsup:
You could remove the heater hose near middle right side of head and let air purge from heater core and cylinder head at same time. Get hose and nipple full with coolant and stick hose back on.
It is just like any other car or truck, You have just have to get it warm enough to open the thermostat and get it flowing good and fill it the rest of the way then. If you have been driving it and it is full cold your are done.
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