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I have had problems with steering since the recall. They have aligned my truck twice and replaced a tie rod end and my truck still has wandering when going down the interstate. It never had this until the recall was done. I wish I could get someone to fix it. It drives me nuts makes me feel like a drunk driver going down the interstate.
Try going in a large open parking lot to see what happens when you turn sharp and then let go of the steering wheel. Th wheel should start to return to center as soon as you let go of it. If not I think you have a bad steering gear, i would request a alignment sheet form when the recall was done just to see if the alignment is done correctly. usually get it under warranty under 12mo and 12k miles. You say it makes you think your drunk driving. That is exactly what 99% of customer complaints are when the steering gear is bad. Like you just cant hold center in the road probably.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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