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Andy, DenverDodgeDealer may be on the right track with the steering box as the root cause. He's right about the usual customer description. You don't necessarily have to have the steering returnability issue to have the same wander issue. I know you're a technical person and sensitive to changes in your rig. There is an outside possibility that the box got tweaked in the recall if the tech used a bit too much persuation with the "persuader" BFH. Instead of using a tie rod end remover (clamp with a load screw). Especially after our discussion about the tech and the tire wear issue after the recall.

Just for the record an update on that issue. Since we chatted last time, the H36 recall has had a revision which includes an inspection of the damper bracket/left tie rod end orientation, if offset then needs adjustment and possibly a readjustment of the toe in setting. This update did not exist at the time of out previous discussion. I just wanted to add that because it could cast doubt on my responses then to now(which would have been different if that procedure was out there at the time).

The other thing that comes to mind. There is some research and improvement ongoing as to some vehicles having wander which improves with a newer version of the lower steering coupler, they look the same but some say it makes a difference in excessive steering corrections, others say no difference. Engineering doesn't let us in on what they are doing.

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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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