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H&S Pillar mount--2011 RAM 2500 + Deletes

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Just fully deleted my 2011 RAM 2500; installed H&S Mini Maxx w/ MCC from Dave at Draconian Diesel. Incredible sales, service & support from Dave Matthews--this guy's got it! The H&S instructions for the EGR cooler, EGR, and TBE deletes and pyro & PCH board installation are easily understood, and apply to 2011 & subsequent, even though it states only 2010.
The instructions from H&S on the pillar mount have you drilling a hole either in the H&S pillar mount cover or the OEM Pillar. This is NOT necessary--you can easily route the Mini Maxx wire between the front console and the dash and up behind the H&S pillar mount (cover) with out drilling the hole. There is ample room behind the H&S pillar mount to store the wire, even with some slack. You will need a Pod adapter to mount the Mini Maxx to the pillar.
If I can believe the truck computer, I'm gaining over 100 miles per tank or 618 miles to empty (DTE).
Semper Fi
11/14/13--just returned from 2000 mi trip FL-TX-FL. At 1800 RPM & 80 MPH on I-49 (flat terrain) computer was showing 21.4 MPG!! Also DTE now shows 200 more miles per tank after full deletes.
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Those high sulfur tunes really show what these trucks can do on fuel mileage.

Figure 3 mpg increase on a tank will get you that extra 100 miles per tank.
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