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Hi everyone,

I am new to this forum as you can probably tell. I'd like to first off state that I HAVE SEARCHED FOR HOURS WITHOUT FINDING WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR.

The reason I joined is because I am looking for information on MCC tuning. I am familiar with tuning via crome for the turbo hondas that I used to play around with, but the diesel tuning is new to me. Some of the honda stuff was trial and error, and I can't afford 5 6.7s, they're not quite as cheap as a honda engine. :) I am aware that the MCC is outdated, lacks support, and for tons of other reasons there are better alternatives such as EFI live. If you are entering this thread to tell me to use EFI Live, please don't even bother replying. I am not looking to use EFI Live at this time.

I have a MCC VIN unlock for my 07.5 3500, but I really don't know where to start. I spent 2-3 hours last night searching and another hour or two today and I simply cannot find any useful information, how to's, etc on tuning with MCC. All signs point to the MCC Class thread that seems to have been deleted. I can't find it ANYWHERE. I have searched and searched and searched some more. It's either a dead link to the MCC Class thread or "use efi live"

PGMFIorg was a huge resource for this with the honda stuff but unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a forum that I can find similar for MCC. I simply cannot believe that nobody uses MCC anymore to tune... Is this really the case? Seems as though google has become search engine optimized to sell me an MCC unlock or custom tunes or some other thing I don't need anytime I search with H&S or MCC. I just need someone to point me in the right direction.

Am I barking up the wrong tree here? Has the internet really been wiped of all useful information regarding MCC tuning?
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