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H&S 225 HP Tune or H&S MCC

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getting hard parts put on my truck. looking for some one who Tunes MCC and wondering what type of power i can expect or just go with the 225 tune pm me or E-mail me [email protected]

here what i have
H&S Black maxx / with trans tune

Bosch Nozzles 60% Over Stock
HTT 71/73 turbo
dual cp3
5" SS-TBE Exhaustff
- S&B CAI and Snow MPG-Max
/Fass Titanium/
Shibby stage 2 intake horn & Boost Tube
juggs is online now Report Post
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You can easy make 700hp to the wheels if the tranny hold that long first wot poof see ya trans. I got 10k miles out of mine with stock fuel and a 66mm charger 620 to the wheels.
who all tunes MCC
I can think of one in this very thread haha.
I remember the 225 being pretty brutal on things. The trans especially, and second the tires! Hahahaha
Any one Else Tune MCC
Scott, what are you looking for?
just options on what guys have to offer
just options on what guys have to offer
Let me know if you have any other questions.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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