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Guages,pillar, and Lights

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Hey, I should be getting my cummins this week and am wanting to get guages for it, but I want to get BLUE guages! What kind of guages should I get?

And is there anyway to change the dash lights to blue?

I just want the guage lights to match the dash...

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We sell the ISSPRO EV gauges with white dial, chrome bezel, blue pointer blue illumination, as an avaiable option to our popular complete gauge kits. The lighting is a little less intense compared to the C2s. If you do go with the C2's get the autometer dimmer. If you don't get it with the gauges, you will wind up buying it later, I assure you. Those gauges are bright. They're like having flashlights shine in your face at night. The AM dimmer (part # AM-9114) will allow you to adjust the brightness of the AM gauges, independantly to a point that is more pleasing to the eye. There's more info on this that I can tell you if you plan on goingthat route; just give me a call and I can explain.

Or you could just go with the ISSPROs and have no worries. Take a look at them:
ISSPRO Gauges at DieselManor
And you can get them in our kits here:
DieselManor - Gauges
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