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Went to put on the headache rack today and went down to look for a good ground location for the lights. Saw this, took the nut off and removed it to check to see if it was corroded. Then the wire just fell off… anyone know what this is for?. It’s just under the filler neck.

Not sure if this is correlated, but I have been chasing a left rear wheel speed sensor issue. I have service 4 wheel system, abs system fault, the TPMS system is all sorts of whacked out, parksense works till it does a system check then turns it off but sensors still click. I have an appointment for the dealer. I’m thinking the BCM is wonky causing the issues. I Changed the speed sensor with no cure and checked the wiring and that’s in order..

Anyway doubt it’s all connected but mostly curious what system the ground wire is for. Or if it’s just one of your basic harness grounds. 2014 2500.
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