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Grid heater not working

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2003. I'm getting codes P0542 and P2608. I checked for continuity for the hot wire going to the grid heater solenoids and also the wires at the grid heater. Every thing checked out so I assumed I had two bad solenoids. I replaced them but I still have the same problem. With the key on, I'm getting no power to the grid heater. I check my battery connections and all were clean.

My next plan of attack is to borrow a scanner and see if I can get the solenoids to click. Has anyone had this problem before and how did you solve it? The truck has been starting ok without the heater cycling and I usually keep the truck plugged in on a timer but colder temperatures are coming in and I may not always be next to an electrical outlet.

Thanks for any help.
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You might have already checked this but mine was out 3 weeks ago...through the code and check engine light. Checked under the hood checked everything. Then grabbed the terminals to see if they were hot or loose. my passenger side battery terminals needed replacing. Positive was so loose that it was melting and starting to make a point in the bottom of the terminal and starting burning a hole in the battery! Sometimes it’s usually a connection issue or weak battery’s.

Good luck with it.
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