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I have an 04.5 2500 bone stock everything, with the exception of exhaust. I love extreme sports, Skydiving the most, Ive never really been a fan of relative work but freeflying is the shiznit. I used to be an avid speed ball player, no not on a team or anything, but the realization of how obsolete my SL74 is now is a crying shame. I'm 33 currently living in central Georgia. I work in the healthcare field as a PA in Emergency Medicine. I'm not married and don't have any children. I owe the government close to $200,000 in student loans of which I will have paid nearly half a million to by the time its paid off. I love fishing and the outdoors and I am exhausted. I am a hardcore BF3 player and am looking forward to the release of Mass Effect 3 in March. I prefer Xbox over PS3 cause the playstation has a really funky controller.

I am here hoping to gain more knowledge about my truck and keep it running until the wheels fall off.

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