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GReddy turbo timer in a 98 3500 (install info)

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I just installed a GReddy turbo timer in my truck today... figured I'd share the info and save someone else a little wire probing. :confused013:

This thing is pretty cool... you can set it in 10 second intervals up to 1:30 or put it in automatic mode, where it guesstimates engine speed by sensing the pulses of current from the alternator, and counts up accordingly. Or at least I think that's how it does it - that description makes it sound like black magic. :coocoo

Wires coming out of the timer:
RED +12V constant
BLUE +12V accessory
GREEN +12V in on position
BLACK ground to chassis
PURPLE speedometer signal (I didn't install this)
BROWN parking brake signal

Wires on the ignition switch pigtail:
RED +12V constant
BLACK-WHITE +12V in accessory position
BLUE +12V in the on position

Connect timer/truck:
BROWN/GREY-GREEN (parking brake switch wire)

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