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grandpas 2006 ctd..advice?

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Hey guys, My grandpa has had is 2006 2500 4x4 dodge forawhile, and uses it to tow a 32ft 5th wheel camper. It is completely stock right now, but he is looking at things for better fuel mileage . I told him he should really get a EGT gauge and trans temp. because it is good to moniter that when towing... then maybe an exhaust. But he wants to only do things that will pay themself long does it take to pay off a cold air and TBE? I can get a decent deal on the exhaust so that would be good.

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intake and exhaust should bump it up a bit, and maybe an MP-8
any idea how much?
contact Gus at farmboydiesel and he will set you up with a good price. Go post up in the sponsor marketplace request a price quote forum :thumbsup
actually the gauges will pay themselves off if and when he has any type of trans problem; he'll be able to back off in time to hopefully keep from being stranded and maybe keep repair costs to minimum. same with egt's....
I would not go with an MP-8. If he wants milage and easy not to mention cost effective try the Quadzilla max milage module can pick one up for around 180 bucks. You can mod the intake your self and get a good dry drop in and replace the intake tube with aluminum pipe or gut the factory one. Replace the stock muffler ( i like the magnaflow 4" straght thru) the rest of the exhaust is fine. Then I would recomend EGT, Trans temp, and Fuel pressure gauges. Your looking at under a 1000 bucks for these mods and should give you around 4-5 mpg as well as cheap insurance to know when you burning up a tranny or lift pump failure. It will also help lower egts.
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