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First off I'M 64 years of age, don't lie but B/S a little bit.

However, this is no B/S.

In 1969 I bought a new Kenworth with a 12V71 Detroit. 330 HP out of the box! Happy as a clam for about 10 months and then got bored.

At that time I was running cross country (LA to Boston). No CB's, Cell Phones or GPS's. Back then, you knew the route and most of the guys doing it. We would wave at each other once inawhile or B/S at a truck stop for awhile but that was about it.

Heard about an outfit in west Texas that could hygrade my engine to 575 HP. I went for it! 70N brown tip injectors, timing up 8 degrees and two, yes two turbo chargers feeding the two, yes two superchargers that I already had.

The engine coupled with a 15 speed trans and 3.70 rears produced a potential speed of 137 MPH. Never did it but it could be done. Did go over a 100 though and when everything got quiet, I backed out of it.

Fuel was .32 cents per gallon and the best mileage the truck ever got was 4.1.

In spite of all that, I still made a good living and had a lot of fun doing it.

Of course I had to watch all the guages real close and if I got sleepy it was hard to do. Result, cracked head in Lawrence, Kansas. Result= $965.00 and three days down time.

Point of story: That was was then and this is now but the ratio of dollars to speed and power has not changed much.

Moral: It costs a bundle to go fast and you still have to very careful when you begin pushing the limits of your power plant.

N'uff said and I hope I did not bore you.

Everything is relative, think about it.

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Sounds like it was a sweet truck! Have any pictures?
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