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Well I have a H1C that is in the works and had plan on BEA wheels and what not but come on to a rocken deal on a compressor housing and wheel. The orginal was a 50mm wheel and the new one is also but could not pass up the price. Now I did not know that there where differnet style compressor housing :confused013: do any of you happen to know about this?

Up fisrt is the one that ate it self (why I'm going through with rebuilding it) and don't have a picture off hand but looks more the the hx35 outlit with a slight bend. This one is stamped on the side 96, now is that number the AR of the housing?!?!

The one that I got a good deal on is the same for the most part but no bend at the outlit. This one is stamped 90...

Now there is no problem to making this work but just thought I'd ask if anyone else had some knowledge about this.
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